SURI Sustainable Travel Swaps
Sustainable Travel Swaps

SURI's Sustainable Travel Swaps

There’s no escaping it, travelling abroad isn’t exactly eco-friendly.

But we’re not here to wag fingers. Your globetrotting endeavours alone are
not responsible for climate change, and we’re big believers in the power of making small changes. 

So whether you’re cycling to a festival or jetting off somewhere tropical, we’ve rounded up our favourite sustainable travel swaps to pack for your next adventure.

1. Backpack. Millican

As beautiful as they are responsible, these timeless designs from Millican are made from hard-wearing recycled materials and built to last a lifetime. Covering everything from packing cubes and laptop sleeves to overnight bags and backpacks, they’re ready for anything

SURI Sustainable Travel Swaps Backpack

2. All-natural Deodorant Balm. AKT

Sweating buckets in a hot country but don’t fancy spritzing your pits full of aluminium particles? These deodorants are the balm. Seriously though, they smell incredible. AKT’s deodorant is all natural, vegan, plastic free, cruelty free, unisex AND it comes in a handy travel-friendly size (50ml). What’s not to love?

SURI Sustainable Travel Swaps Deodorant Balm 

3. Travel Bottle. Ocean bottle

Whether you’re getting lost in a city or hiking up a mountain, stay hydrated with an Ocean Bottle. These award-winning reusable bottles hold 500ml of water or, you know, a large frozen margarita. While you’re relaxing on the beach, watching the sun disappear over the horizon - you can take a long, refreshing swig knowing that you’ve stopped 1000 ocean-bound plastic bottles from ruining the view!

SURI Sustainable Travel Swaps Bottle

4. Swimmers. AYA and Sunspel

Besides looking effortlessly cool, AYA’s bikini designs are made from 78% regenerated old fishing nets and other nylon waste that’s polluting our earth. And for the short-shorts lovers out there - we’d recommend these stylish swimmers from Sunspel. Not only are they made from recovered ocean plastic, but this particular pair are modelled on the infamous shorts sported by Sean Connery in Thunderball. Shexshy. 

SURI Sustainable Travel Swaps Bikini  SURI Sustainable Travel Swaps Shorts

5. Sunnies - Bird Eyewear

The world just looks better through a good pair of sunglasses - it’s like having your own personal Insta filter. Now you can take care of your retinas and the planet with these sustainable sunnies from the UK’s first B-Corp eyewear company. Not a micro-bead of single-use plastic in sight, their frames use a variety of innovative sustainable materials - everything from bio-acetate to eco-cork.

SURI Sustainable Travel Swaps Sunglasses

6. Flip flops. AllBirds

Sustainable summer footwear doesn’t get much sweeter than these new Sugar Zeffers from AllBirds. Boasting the world’s first carbon neutral EVA (the material found in almost every sole), they’re made using sugarcane with straps made from 100% recycled polyester. Never has lowering your carbon footprint been more literal. 

SURI Sustainable Travel Swaps Flip Flops

7. Sustainable Electric Toothbrush. SURI

It would be remiss of us not to include our own sustainable electric toothbrush in this round-up. After all, it’s ⅓ the size of most electric toothbrushes and it comes with a perfectly portable, self-cleaning, UV-C travel case. But that’s not all. If you’ve ever taken a manual toothbrush on holiday because you were worried your electric would run out of battery - no more! Once fully-charged, our battery lasts for a whole 30 days so you won’t be caught short while you’re away.

SURI Sustainable Travel Swaps Electric Toothbrush

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