SURI - Honey we shrunk the toothbrush, and our carbon footprint!

Why is our sustainable sonic toothbrush 1/3 the size of most other electric toothbrushes? 🤔

Good question.

With sustainability and performance at the heart of the SURI design ethos, we’ve taken a minimalist approach. The less material our sonic toothbrush uses, the smaller our environmental impact will be. Keep what's important and get rid of what's not. Simple. 

We think it's turned out pretty good.  

SURI Sustainable Sonic Toothbrush

A reality check on tech

Those larger handles found on most other electric toothbrushes are the home to a lot of unnecessary technology.

We don't believe your toothbrush needs artificial intelligence, an LED screen, seven different (yet surprisingly similar) cleaning modes, a bluetooth speaker, an alarm clock, mood-lighting, a bottle opener, and a connected app to show you where your molars are.

Okay so we might have made at least one of those up but you get the idea, the evolution of toothbrush tech may have gone a little too far. We're not performing keyhole surgery - we're cleaning our teeth!

And don’t get us started on what happens when all of that wondrous tech goes wrong. 🧐

We digress.

Only the essentials

Back to our sleek sonic toothbrush. Although we’ve streamlined the technology inside, we’ve not left anything out - you still have everything you need for a world-class clean:

  • Two different brushing intensities. Everyday Clean and Polish modes, with 33,000 sonic vibrations per minute for a seriously deep clean

  • 30 day battery life. Because is there anything more depressing than using an electric toothbrush manually?

  • A two-minute timer. Complete with haptic feedback so you get a little nudge every 30 seconds to move onto the next area of your mouth

With a pleasing weight and smooth aluminium finish, the toothbrush just feels incredibly satisfying in the hand, like when someone gives you a really fancy pen to sign something important. 

SURI Sustainable Sonic Toothbrush in hands

To find out more about SURI and follow our journey, make sure you say 'hello' on Insta or sign up to our newsletter below. 👇

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