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Five simple, sustainable lifestyle swaps you need to make in 2023

Happy New Year! It’s January so the chances are you’re going dry, vegan, or you’re giving up coffee and cake. All very noble resolutions for 2023. But this year – we’re getting our sustainable swap on. 

Seven Thoughtful Stocking Fillers
How is it this close to Christmas already?! It's time to get serious about gifting, so we've put together a round up of some very thoughtful (and generous!) stocking fillers to brighten up...
Clean up the Ocean this Black Friday

Ahh Black Friday. Is there a more divisive date in the holiday calendar? It’s a heady mix of dubious discounts...

Brushing your teeth reduces anxiety?
We brush our teeth twice a day, every day. Yet we barely even give it a second thought. Rather than going through the motions, have you ever considered brushing your teeth… mindfully?
Five super simple ways to reduce your plastic use
Don’t worry. We're not suggesting you should live like a plastic-free hermit, nor that you should carry out a guilt-ridden audit of all the plastic in your home. But...
14 biggest mistakes to avoid when brushing your teeth
Consider this the ultimate one-stop guide to brushing your teeth properly. We'll be exploring the biggest mistakes to avoid when brushing your teeth - covering everything from correct technique, when to rinse, how much toothpaste to use, and more!

Learn more about our Impact and Materials

Re-thinking the electric toothbrush began with re-thinking the materials used.

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